We are dedicated to the details of your business by offering the proper mix of people and products. We deliver what we promise, and we believe that in itself is important. At J&R we distribute the finest quality paints and supplies & equipment at fair pricing with outstanding, timely and courteous service.  Our services include technical and management training along with proper reporting services, all focused on your needs & wants.

Customer Portal Access

Your business is all about “time”. That is why thru our unique customer portal, we offer our you the ability to submit your orders electronically while having access to a myriad of different reporting tools – all from the comfort of your office. It’s time to save money while saving you time.

Professional Paint Technicians


Local ownership and industry experience are key. That is why our Paint Professionals have years of experience and undergo continuing training and manufacturer certifications. We are confident that the team at J&R Auto Body Supply will be able to guide you in the right direction for any painting supply needs that you may have.

Product Supply Usage Analysis


Having the right information at your finger tips is necessary in today’s world. As a J&R Auto Body customer, you’ll have access to, and receive monthly reporting that will allow you to track your material usage and make useful comparisons to a wide range of regional and national data.

 Inventory Supply Control (Management)


We realize that running your business efficiently is critical to maximizing your profits. J&R Auto Body has the experience and knowledge that will help tailor inventory control programs to your business. We will help you eliminate material waste, time inefficiencies and improve your overall labor control.